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Info Rapallo

Info Rapallo



Rapallo is located in the most inner part of the Tigullio gulf. Because of its favorable location, the town is protected from winds and therefore offers its guests a particularly mild climate and many natural attractions. There are a variety of easily accessible destinations reached by car, train and ferry. There are many opportunities for a visitor in Rapallo to discover the traditions, the history, and the landscape of Liguria. For those who enjoy trekking or biking, there are scenic coastal or inland trails.
Rapallo’s favorable location at the center of the gulf allows visitors to use all means of transportation to reach their destination.
It’s easy to understand how this small town, with its beautiful promenades has become the destination of choice of several famous poets and intellectuals, ever since the beginning of the eighteen hundreds. Among these, poets like Yeats and Ezra Pound, philosophers like Nietzsche, musicians like Sibellius, and writers like Hemingway, have left many traces of their sojourn in Rapallo.
Thanks to the high level of Rapallo’s touristic infrastructures, the town is still the destination of international tourism.
The beaches, while extremely well taken care of and well equipped, maintain traits of exclusive beauty like the ones in San Michele di Pagana. This little village on a small bay has maintained its fisherman’s village structure, with houses that open their doors directly into the beach. The church of San Michele, which is famous for its precious Van Dyck, overlooks the village.
Rapallo is nestled in beautiful nature, at the foot of green hills, amidst which is the sanctuary of Monteallegro, from the Sanctuary, which is comfortable reached kith the funicolar one can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Gulf.



Rapallo The Portofino’s MountNational Maritime Park offers some of the most beautiful and evocative experiences in the Mediterranean Sea. The mount’s 3 miles long side drops into the sea for 150 feet and is the reign of red coral, and gorgonia, several big fishes such
grouper mediterranea, dentex e ricciole. There are several diving centers from which the tourist can choose.
Rapallo offers the opportunity to practice many sports among which we highlight:

  • Golf Rapallo hosts one of the most famous and beautiful golf clubs in Italy (18 holes, discount for guests of the hotels).
  • Boat rentals.
  • Miniature golf.
  • National shooting range.
  • Olympic swimming pool.
  • Horseback riding.
  • Scuba diving.


The region is renowned for its famous “Pesto alla Genovese”, a pasta sauce done with flavorful ligurian basil and imitated all over the world. Another gourmet dish is “Pansotti con salsa di noci” (ravioli-like pasta with chestnut sauce). But the signature dish of Liguria is the all-famous and beloved “focaccia”, which symbolizes the lovely life style of our region. The “farinata”, a focaccia specialty found only in this region, is eaten hot at any time during the day or evening.